our Partners

We have partnered with the City of Ottawa, the Indo-Canadian Community Centre and the Nepean Nighthawks Field Hockey Club to bring this Project to life. The Centre will be a place where all these partners can serve the community together.

The City of Ottawa

The Centre would not be a reality without the support of the City of Ottawa. The City is committed to providing spaces that serve everyone and have identified a piece of land that could become The Centre. The City have also committed to matching all donations from the community through the Major Capital Community Partnership program with a maximum value of City contribution of $1 million. With this cost sharing model we will be able to bring the Project to life in no time.

The Nepean Nighthawks

If you’ve heard of field hockey in Ottawa, you’ve heard of the Nighthawks. This field hockey power house is the driving force for The Centre. The Nighthawks grew from a local club to the largest junior club in Ontario in under 10 years.

The Nighthawks serve not only their members, but they also provide field hockey infrastructure and capacity for many other organizations. If you play high school field hockey in Ottawa you have met many Nighthawks as umpires, technical officials, and coaches!

The Nighthawks programs have been so successful that registration has been capped due to lack of facility capacity in the City. The Centre will provide the Nighthawks with the capacity to bring their programming to the next level.  

The Indo-Canadian Community Center

The Indo-Canadian Community Center (ICCC) in Ottawa was founded in 1977 on the basis of having a safe space for Indo-Canadians to share cultural heritage. The ICCC brings the community together and provides an environment for the exchange of views and sharing of distinctive cultural backgrounds. 

The ICCC run a diverse breadth of programs, but their most recent project is the Youth Program which aims to build a community for Indo-Canadian youth in Ottawa. The program has 3 established initiatives:

The ICCC Mentorship Program: Aiming to provide career and professional development to students

ICCC Taste of India: Provide a platform for youth to learn more about their culture through blogs, social media posts, and workshops

ICCC International Friends: Providing resources to international students to facilitate the moving transition