Our Team



The "team of teams" model is a management style where your team operates as a network with a shared consciousness and every member is empowered to execute. This allows everyone in the organization to have a holistic understanding of the organization’s work. 

Team of Teams - Centre

Communications Team

This team is made up of social media experts, web developers, analytic gatherers, graphics developers, and message crafters. Everything you see on this site & our socials was done by this team.

Sigourney Shaw

Communications Manager

Even though she's new to field hockey, she's not new to the power of community building! Sig does emails, social media, and community outreach among other things. Want to feature the Centre in your Instagram/ newspaper/ podcast? Contact Sig!

Daniel Lagos

Web Developer

Daniel is our tech wizard! He's the one behind all the technical aspects of the website. He keeps all the virtual platforms running smoothly.

Halley Chopra

Jack of All Trades

A little web developing here, content creation there, and a sprinkle of social media communications. Halley has grown up playing field hockey and it's truly in her blood.

Alexandre Gougeon-Lalonde

Official Languages Consultant

Le centre est pour tout le monde! With extensive experience working in both official languages, Alex is our bilingual expert.

Marek Chopra


Like our logo? We have Marek to thank for the clean design, as well as other graphics around the site. Marek grew up on the field hockey pitch just like his siblings, giving him a true understanding of what it means to be a team player.

Maya Chopra


Maya studied industrial design right here in Ottawa and is currently completing her masters in design. Field hockey has been a part of her life since she was very young. Her beautiful website graphics can be seen in our project plans and throughout this site!

grant writing

The grant team finds us the resources we will need to build and operate the Field Hockey Centre. 

Sigourney Shaw

Communications Manager

You'll see Sig here a lot... and that's because she does a lot! Including grant research & writing to help fund our project!

Halley Chopra

Program Expert

Halley can tell you everything about the project and programs from A to Z. She makes sure the grants include the right program info.

Kathleen O'Nyon

Grant Expert

Kat knows a thing or two about writing grants and has lent her expertise to our team for the (sometimes complicated) process of completing grant applications.

technical committee

Before we can play field hockey this is going to be a construction project! Luckily we have an educated group that knows a thing or two about construction and design.

Cam Maiolo


Cam is helping us develop and refine the vision for The Centre. His expertise in architecture has given us an edge when it comes to understanding how to best build our fields, clubhouse and more.

Maya Chopra


Green Technology & Grey water - Maya is helping us make sure our project has minimal impact on the surrounding environment and is designed with sustainability in mind.

Erin Hemm

Architectural Engineering EIT

Erin is a spec expert. She won't miss a thing. Erin played field hockey with the Carleton University Club & the Nighthawks so she's truly invested in creating a beautiful & functional field space that will serve the whole Ottawa community.

Hannah Bulmer

Civil Engineering EIT

Hannah is our geo expert. She graduated from Queen's University and will make sure the water is clean and the drainage is perfect for our brand new water-based turfs. She has dedicated many volunteer hours to field hockey and is always quick to offer her ideas and help in all aspects of the project design.

Community Outreach

Partnering with like minded organizations is one of our core philosophies. This team is reaching out and building relationships within the Ottawa area and beyond.   

Sandeep Chopra


The mastermind behind The Centre. The community values integral to our project don't stop at Sandeep's front door. They are embedded in who he is. His passion for field hockey, faith in young people, and ability to make everyone feel like family have led us to where we are today.

Maya Chopra


Maya is networking and building connections with the Abilities Centre to ensure we create a field hockey program and space that is accessible to everyone.

Sigourney Shaw

Communications Manager

Sig has a deep care for her community, and loves forming new relationships that will strengthen it. The Field Hockey Centre is not the first community building project she's worked on, but it is one of the biggest!

Fundraising & PArtnerships

Involving the community and companies alike to bring the project to life

Sandeep Chopra


Sandeep knows how to get people on board and excited about new ideas. He is our leader in building relationships across the sports community and beyond to ensure that The Centre will truly be a place where ALL are welcome.

Program development

Once the Centre is open we will be filling it with all sorts of programs, but these programs have been in development for years. Right now the Nighthawks are ramping up program development and design to gear up for the opening of The Centre.

Maureen Chopra

Founding member of the Nighthawks

Maureen has a deep history in the Ottawa field hockey community. Chances are if you played club hockey in Ottawa Maureen has coached you somewhere along the way. She has a wealth of knowledge of athlete development and is an integral part of our team.

Rutger Klein

Technical Advisor

Rutger has 40 years of hockey experience in Holland and the world. He is joining us from across the globe to help develop our programming and take field hockey in Ottawa to the next level.

Rohan Chopra

Curriculum Developer

Rohan is a technical expert. He's played field hockey at an advanced level for years and won his fair share of games & tournaments- so he really knows how to bring programs to the next level! Rohan is building our curriculum that will serve the entire field hockey community through to the next generation of athletes.